About RFMK

Rapid Fire Marketing is a holding Company for several businesses. The core business in Rapid Fire Marketing is the Vapor Inhaler. The Vapor Inhaler is the base technology for the CANNAcig and follow on products. At this time, follow on products include the Pocket Puffer, and the Power Pocket Puffer. The Vapor Inhaler is brand new and disruptive technology for medical cannabis patients around the world. The device uses Cannabis Vapor Inhaler technology which is superior to any other device on the market. The Vapor Inhaler has the biggest opportunity in the retail market where it is sold without the active ingredient.

Business Overview

We are a Vapor Inhaler development and sales company that provides the best solution for vaporizing nicotine, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) for the medical marijuana industry and herbs for casual users. Our technology is a game changer for smokers and medical marijuana users all around the world.

RFMK’s objectives are Consumer Focused:

1. Create and continue to create the most innovative vaporizer products on the market. Be a market leader with the product, and never allow a competitor to get ahead of the technological developments that RFMK has cornered.

2. Develop customer and brand loyalty, by creating the most innovative cost effective products on the market, and using that customer loyalty to develop renewable payment revenue streams.

3. To dominate the market by reaching profitability quickly and using that profit as re-investment into new product development, market share strategies and customer loyalty programs.

Introducing the CANNAcig

CANNAcig Introduction

Introduced to the Vaporizer market in the summer of 2012, the CANNAcig Vapor Inhaler is the smallest and most discreet of the vapor inhalers on the market today. The unit is manufactured by Rapid Fire Marketing and their production partners. The CANNAcig is unique not only because of its small size but also in the fact that the unit does not get hot to the touch which is an issue seen in many vapor inhalers, does not leak and is clean and not messy to use.

The CANNAcig Vapor Inhaler is discreet and elegant. It’s all black with a red lighted tip, and would fit in any social situation. It’s also very easy to fill and use. The oil cartridge is small and simple, there are no long tubes to fill, there are no special tools needed, there are also no buttons to hold, so it makes it easy for elderly or impaired patients to operate. All you do is put a small amount of oil inside the cartridge, plug it into the battery and go. It’s also very light on your lungs, you don’t have to pull hard at all for the CANNAcig to activate, and the hit is very smooth yet it creates a significant amount of “smoke” (vapor). Once you exhale a sweet herbal misty vapor is all that escapes. The CANNAcig is the perfect device to medicate on the go, throw it in your pocket, go to work, travel, whatever the case may be.


Medical Cannabis patients no longer need to go find a quiet place to “light up”. The CANNAcig Vapor Inhaler is black with a red glowing tip which activates when you draw on the unit. The CANNAcig is only 5.2 inches long, .37 inches in diameter and weighs only .62 ounces.

Using the CANNAcig

There is no “on” or “off” switch. To begin using, simply draw on the CANNAcig Vapor Inhaler just as you would a traditional tobacco-based smoking product. You will begin to taste the flavor of your active agent with your first draw. If you inhale completely, you will feel the warm vapor in your throat and will be less likely to see a vapor mist when you exhale. Inhaling to a lesser extent will allow more of the vapor mist to be visible on the exhale.

Cleaning and Maintenance of the CANNAcig

Cleaning your CANNAcig Vapor Inhaler is simple, easy and can be accomplished in a minute or two.