CBD and medical marijuana are a growing trend in terms of health and wellness. Kannaway is one of the leading companies you can work with when it comes to dealing in marijuana products and selling them legally. The company is about more than just selling the products though – they also want to spread awareness of the health benefits offered by CBD. This is an industry that is just gaining traction in the market still, so it can be expensive to join at $54.98 in addition to a product pack ranging from $249 to $1849. However, Kannaway has a good reputation, and joining early might be an excellent bet.

Well Beyond
Well Beyond is a company that offers a wide range of chocolate products which are designed to see you build health and lose weight. And to top it off – the chocolate actually tastes good and is even supposed to be diabetic friendly. This is a newer company though, and in working with them you will probably encounter several situations where they are still working out the knots. However, you will earn 50 percent compensation after joining up with the company for $39.

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