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Lin M.

SAAS company

"There's no one better in local marketing pure and simple. These guys are our secret weapon."

George N.

Coffee Franchise

Rapid Fire Marketing allowed us to survive during the pandemic and now we're doing better than ever. Even beyond what we originally planned.

Clara P.

Beauty Salon

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John Simon


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Award-winning Digital Marketing Agency

For a decade we have a proven track record for customizing powerful internet marketing that gets long-term results


We base our performance on increasing the leads as our primary focus. Too many agencies promise ineffective marketing strategies that don't actually affect the bottom line.


We build-in guarantees in our agreements to ensure that your initial investment is recouped in a given time frame or we work for free until you do. That's how confident we are in what we do.


We use cutting edge strategies of building multiple web properties to dominate your market. In our first consultation call, you'll know that you've never heard of our strategies from anyone else before.

Optimize your website

How we optimize our client's website is in-line with Google's big algorithm updates including Penguin, Hummingbird & Rankbrain. We are constantly testing content and web design to see what works best. Your site should see an immediate boost in traffic once we implement what we know.

Experts in SEO Techniques

We have an unfair advantage of being plugged into an exclusive network of high level SEO's that are constantly testing the latest strategies that work best. What we deploy creates long-lasting results because we do not take shortcuts that can get websites in trouble after a core algorithm update.

Quality Internet Marketing

We only employ strategies that turns into phone calls. This is what the client needs. More traffic doesn't mean anything for your business if it doesn't convert into actual customers calling your business. Not all marketing strategies were created equal because there's a big difference between high-converting traffic versus just regular traffic.

Years of Experience

We have over 10 years experience providing high quality digital marketing to local businesses as well as nation-wide businesses. We've innovated over the years with what is currently working but our experience allows us to also understand what strategies have stood the test of time and should be the core focus.

Our Process

Fill out the short form to schedule a consultation.

We will thoroughly review your application and let you know if you will be a good fit to work with us or not.

Meet with our team to discuss project goals.

If we decide you are a good fit, our team will email you a link to schedule a time to meet with our team for our initial consultation. We will discuss your goals in more detail and our strategies to meet those goals.

Grow your business with no contracts and full transparency.

We provide full access to our call tracking CRM and Google search console so that you can see the progress anytime. We believe in full transparency when working with our clients because that's the only way to ensure long-term win-win relationship with clients.

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